Michael E Richards


I am filling a niche market need by offering services that are temporary in nature and best served by an individual with a background of professional and business management skills.

As an Entrepreneur, I was the President and CEO of Angeles Electric, an LA based premier commercial/industrial electrical contracting company. I was also a part owner and director of 4-car washes that were located in 3-states. I am currently Sole Manager of Management Business Solutions of California, LLC. As a Professional in California, I am a currently licensed as an Attorney, Real Estate Broker, and Insurance Broker. As a Trustee, I have served for many years on various Union pension plans and health trusts. Throughout the years I have been a Director for many organizations.

Sometimes, to solve a challenge, a business may require the temporary services of a trusted Consultant. A company often does not have the resources to either hire a new full time individual or add workloads to the schedules of their current managers and/or administrators.

The engagement may be a labor intense project of short duration or one that is protracted over a long period of time requiring minimal month to month involvement.

The project may have an array of sensitive issues that are better handled by an outside individual who is not under peer pressure to reveal the facts and circumstances surrounding the current challenge.

There may be multiple choices offered between the outside Professionals. An evaluation of these scenarios may need to be illustrated. Recommendations to solve the issues and implement an action plan require a practical understanding of both the business and professional side of the equation.

If you have these types of issues, I may have the solution.