Michael E Richards

Pre-Contract Review

How does it all pull together?

First, I will meet with the Client and generally discuss the scope of the proposed engagement. If we proceed from that point forward, a Confidently Agreement is set in place.

Second, I will meet with your outside Professionals (i.e. attorney, accountant, actuary, engineer, etc.) and review the issues at hand.

Third, after meeting with the professionals, I will request separate meetings with the managers who have direct knowledge concerning the project challenges.

Forth, I will make a determination of the resources required and evaluate if an engagement is feasible. If not, a letter of declination will be issued. If so, then a request for a proposal date will be requested.

Fifth, I will present a formal proposal that outlines the Client’s objectives; the resources required to accomplish that objective; and, the scope of work I will perform.

Sixth, the Client then makes a decision if they want to contract for my services. All of my expenses up to this final step are NOT billable to the Client.